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24 Hour Intrusion Protection

Keep your Home and Business safe against intruders with a 24 hour monitored security system. We use the most advanced technology to help secure your property against home invasion, burglary and panic alarm situations. Every home and business has different needs and we can help provide the best products and services to help make your life and everything in it safer.

Smoke Detector

Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Flood Detection

When it comes to protecting your family we take it personally! Our Life Safety products include Monitored Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Flood Detection. Flood is not often thought of as a life safety issue, but if not remediated properly it can leave behind deadly black mold. Store bought detectors only make noise, they don’t call out for help and if your loved ones or pets are home alone which creates high risk for them not being able to escape safely. The second that smoke, carbon monoxide or a flood issue is detected, our 24 monitoring station will notify you and dispatch emergency responders immediately. That way you have a better chance of getting your property and loved ones safe and away from danger.

Security Cameras

Cat On VideoResidential Cameras – today’s cameras come in several varieties to meet many lifestyle needs. Whether Indoors or Outdoors our cameras provide High Definition video as well as smart technology to not only record necessary events, but also customized to your specific needs for when you want to be notified of certain activity taking place inside and outside of your home. During the installation process we will help determine the best possible places for each camera. All camera systems are accessible to all types of people, young or old. It is very user friendly and can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Pro Series CamerasCommercial Cameras – Whether a small business or a large commercial building, our camera systems allow business owners to feel safer knowing that no matter where you are, you can have eyes on your business when you need to. We offer many affordable camera configurations for business owners to choose from and all of our systems are easy to use. From theft protection to employee management, cameras are an efficient way to manage your business remotely.

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